Saturday, May 1, 2021

Happy Anniversary to My Publisher!

The Wild Rose Press is celebrating 15 years in publishing today. Happy Anniversary to Rhonda Penders and RJ Morris, my editor Claudia Fallon, and all the staff and authors of this fine independent press.

I'm pleased and proud to have three books published in their Fantasy Rose line. In late 2009, after hearing Rhonda speak at the Green Bay, Wisconsin, WisRWA writers' conference, I took a chance and sent them my first fantasy romance, THE PRINCE OF VAL-FEYRIDGE. That was my debut novel and I didn't know then, but it was destined to become the first book in the Crown of Tolem series. That book debuted April 26, 2010, almost precisely on TWRP's 4th anniversary. I've since added a stand-alone book, BLOODSTONE, and LORD OF DRUEMARWIN, Crown of Tolem #2, to my TWRP page:

Thanks again, Rhonda, RJ, and my wonderful editor Claudia for taking a chance on me and my books!

Saturday, April 17, 2021

E-Book Sale & Print Book Giveaway

Long to be swept away from today’s worries? Drawn to swash-buckling heroes and fiercely determined heroines? Want to join larger-than-life characters on an epic quest where honor matters, a broken land’s future is at stake, and forbidden love requires world-altering sacrifices? 

You're in luck! Now, for a limited time, THE PRINCE OF VAL-FEYRIDGE, Crown of Tolem #1, is available for only 99¢ on Kindle and Nook

She's all wrong for Prince Arn, this lowborn healer who keeps meddling in his march to conquer her homeland. If only she hadn't helped him, and he hadn't kissed her, he could stop looking for her everywhere, hoping to find her...again.

Sigh--a great love story! ... I was enthralled from the beginning." ***** Amazon

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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Happy Fantasy Day! Celebrating JRR Tolkien

The Tolkien society has designated today, March 25, as Tolkien reading day because it's the day of the downfall of Sauron in Lord of the Rings.

I owe a great debt to Tolkien for being my introduction to adult fantasy. I grew up on fairy tales of the Germanic variety and, of course, Disney, but I hadn't yet been introduced to Arthurian legend. During my junior-senior summer, friends plopped into my hands the Lord of the Rings and I was instantly hooked on sword-and-sorcery fantasy. I fell into the Strider camp, although Legolas certainly had his charms, but Eowyn was my secret favorite, a terrific model for a shield maiden.

It wasn’t long after, inspired by Tolkien’s incredible world-building, that I began my own epic fantasy. The first is still half done, a fan-girl version with magic and conflicting alliances but without elves and dwarves. The second, a tale of an upstart seeking a lost crown to mend a broken kingdom, became my first published book, THE PRINCE OF VAL-FEYRIDGE. 

Now, in honor of Fantasy Day, the second in the Crown of Tolem series, LORD OF DRUEMARWIN, is on sale on all ebook venues for 99-cents.

Come for the love story of my own shield maiden, Lady Raell, stay for the epic adventure. You can read the books together or separately as stand-alones.

Buy Links:





Wild Rose Press:

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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

How Does an Author Come up with the Idea for a Book?

Ever wonder how an author comes up with the idea for a book? What tiny germ can stimulate someone to write 100,000 words? 

Well, it's not the same for everyone, honestly, but I can tell you how I came up with the seed that grew into my fantasy romance BLOODSTONE. You might be surprised. For the details, hop over to KJ Pierce's TellTale Tuesday blog: Please leave a comment. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

As long as we're on the topic of BLOODSTONE, you can enter to win an autographed print copy in NN Light's March Giveaway rafflecopter:

Thursday, March 4, 2021


I'm delighted to receive a 5-star review from NN Light's Book Heaven for LORD OF DRUEMARWIN: 

Here's a snippet: "Brilliantly written, Lord of Druemarwin is a must-read for both fantasy and fantasy romance readers. Highly recommend!"

Hop over to Jeny Heckman's Tattletales for insight into Lady Raell, my heroine, depicted on Rae Monet's beautiful cover:

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Podcast Interview and Print Book Giveaway

I'm featured this week on  Tattletales, Jeny Heckman's blog and
podcast: She's graciously interviewed me for my first podcast appearance (whew!) and I'd love to have you join me at her Tattletales site. 

I've also shared a blog post interview with Lady Raell, the heroine of my latest fantasy romance, LORD OF DRUEMARWIN. Please come and meet her. You'll find she's a bit unconventional.

I'm also giving away an autographed print copy of LORD OF DRUMARWIN on NN Light Book Heaven's monthly giveaway. Dozens and dozens of ebooks, gift cards, print books, etc. are being given away to dozens of lucky winners. For a chance to win, go to

Think Spring!

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Review--Currently Unchaperoned, Regency with a Twist, 5 Stars

Currently Unchaperoned, a new release by Australian author Heidi Wessman Kneale, is a Regency with a twist--magic! 

This delightful, funny, nonstop story almost unfolds in real time. All but the last chapter takes place over one night when Felicity Abbot decides to sneak into the neighbor's ball because she's tired of waiting to properly 'come out.' Her imagination has built up an expectation of a glittering assembly of dancing, delicious food, and witty banter with maybe a hint or two of scandalous gossip. What she unearths is scandal indeed, but not at all the way she expected.

Victor Wyndell would rather be anywhere else but at this party, but his mother has press-ganged him into to searching for 'The Agreement,' something so scandalous she won't even tell him what it looks like or whom it concerns, only that it could ruin their family. He's not looking for a bride either, but he keeps running--literally--into one captivating young miss.

What follows is something out of Cinderella and The Bridgertons (Netflix) enhanced by a Regency world in which people use magic charms to achieve their aims. Poor Felicity has only one skill, which hardly seems consequential--she can't even see magic unless it's pointed out to her--but over the course of the night she'll learn a bit more about how to use her ability.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It lives up to its captivating blurb. Check it out here: Kindle

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