Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Snow Blues? Have a Giveaway.

The snow keeps coming, another 4-5 inches overnight. Officially, February is the snowiest month EVER as well as the snowiest February on record for our neck of the woods. My guess is at least 3 feet for the month, at least 45 inches since Jan. 1. We're running out of places to put it.

Here's the view this morning from our kitchen window.

Note that there is indeed a pickup beside the garage, although you'd never know it under all that snow. 

Here's the front yard. Those bird feeder poles are shoulder high on an adult, believe it or not. Driving is a true tunnel experience, especially at the corners and ends of driveways.

There's nothing to do for it but have a giveaway.

On Tuesday, March 5 only, I'll be offering a Kindle copy of BLOODSTONE as part of The Romance Review's month long 8th Anniversary Party. Go over to on Tuesday, March 5, and log in to play trivia for a chance to win. Best of luck, and keep warm!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Return of the--gasp!--Polar Vortex!

We are midweek into the longest school closings in recent memory (four days, counting tomorrow, which has already been announced), and now the US Postal Service is breaking its own motto and refusing to deliver mail. Even some stores and restaurants are closed.

No wonder as the wind chill last night was 52 below zero. While you absorb that outrageous figure, consider what I heard on the radio this morning: The temperature on Mars is only 80 below, a mere 28 degrees colder. (Hey, NASA, if you're prepping for humans on Mars, you can start training them here.)

Now we're used to cold up here. Subzero temperatures are the norm in January. Five years ago, in the first appearance of the Polar Vortex the first week of January, we had 30 below temps and a long stretch with no daytime temps above zero. But that was without the dangerous wind chills present this time around. The weather experts are saying we won't break daytime cold temp records--those were set back in the '90s--but we're breaking recorded wind chills.

My coping strategy? Stay inside. Bake something. And make soup.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

This is what happens…

Don’t adjust your color; these cookies are indeed blue.

This is what happens in mid-January when the temperatures are below frigid, a lunar eclipse of a super moon is about to occur, I need to bake cookies, and I’m looking at a Blue Velvet cake mix.

I’m calling them Blue Moon Cookies.

They’re healthy (oatmeal, dried cranberries, chocolate chips) and simple to make (cake mix and margarine, plus the aforementioned 3 items) and surprisingly tasty.

This is what happens when my creativity needs someplace to go.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Jack Frost Pays a Visit

It's not technically winter for another couple of weeks, but try telling that to Jack Frost and his winter-weather-loving pals. They've been 'gifting' us with snow, cold, and frost since last month. Yesterday reminded us that not everything associated with winter is to be avoided. When Jack Frost visits, magic happens on windows--if you're observant enough to spot it.

Meet our Ice Dragon and our Ice Bouquet:

These were tiny gifts, barely bigger than a silver dollar, delicate and ephemeral, but oh, so beautiful. Enjoy the magic of the season!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Who's My Favorite Hero?

I write Fantasy Romance because I can’t help it. That’s just where my brain goes—straight to heroes on horseback wielding swords and wearing armor.

You know that song from the movie Footloose (the Kevin Bacon version) where they’re driving tractors at each other and the soundtrack is playing “I Need a Hero,” someone who’s “fresh from the fight”? That’s my kind of guy. That’s Arn, Prince of Val-Feyridge, and the hero I’ve had stuck in my head since high school.

He’s a ruthless warrior, so tough men fear him—and secretly want to “be” him. If only they knew how much he’s sacrificed to reclaim his rightful title. He loves no one, trusts but a few, and is focused on the one object that would fulfill his destiny, reclaiming the lost Crown of Tolem. He’s scarred inside and out, but he’ll be damned if he lets anyone see those wounds.

Can you tell I love him?

He needs a healer. Too bad she’s the one woman he shouldn’t fall for, a low-born member of the wrong side who could be both a witch AND a spy. Of course Aerid is neither, but she is stubborn, principled and anti-war. Opposites, I know, and that’s why she’s so wrong…and so right for a man who has to face his real, core fear. He’s lost everyone he loved once. Dare he risk that pain again?

Sometimes even the bravest warrior needs a determined woman’s help to overcome his fears.

The e-book is on sale for Veteran’s Day (kind of appropriate, don’t you think?) for just $2.24 at my publisher’s site:

Also, on Friday, Nov. 16, for one day only, you can go to The Romance Review’s Year End Splash Party site and play trivia for a chance to win a Kindle copy of THE PRINCE OF VAL-FEYRIDGE. You’ll have to register, if you’re not already a member, and log-in to play. Click on the link in the poster to the top left and you’ll be right there.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Coming in November--Giveaway!

The Romance Reviews Year End Splash Party runs the entire month of November. Be sure to head over there for daily trivia games and giveaway prizes. Remember, you have to log in to enter. Mark your calendar: I'll be giving away a Kindle copy of THE PRINCE OF VAL-FEYRIDGE on Friday, Nov. 16. For a link to TRR's Year End Splash Party, click on the poster at left starting on Nov. 1.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Who's My Favorite Heroine?

This month Coffee Time Romance is asking authors to dish on their favorite heroine from the books they've written. Here's the link to my post about my first published heroine, Aerid from THE PRINCE OF VAL-FEYRIDGE:
Join me and more than 20 other authors as we reveal all kinds of connections to our heroines.