Monday, September 2, 2013

And now for something completely different...

I enjoy baking, and I enjoy fairy tales, and I especially enjoy romance. What about combining all three--just for fun?

Recipe for a Fairy Tale
Take one orphan teenager
Add a wicked stepmother
Toss in two cruel step-sisters
Combine with beatings and press under a heavy work load
Let stand several years

Prepare one handsome prince in need of a wife
Arrange a fancy dress ball
Combine with a dash of pomp, a teaspoon of circumstance, and one full tablespoon of glitz

Measure one cup of fairy godmother and sift with a liberal helping of magic
Add to previously battered orphan

Stir in prepared prince and fancy dress ball
Caution:  Some lumps will remain

At midnight separate two glass slippers
Add one to princely mix
Reserve one for topping

Bake several days in despair and confusion

Topping:  Combine three-fourths cup of proclamation and reserved glass slipper
Sprinkle liberally over all
Dust with happiness

Serves two

That's my recipe. How about yours? What's your favorite fairy tale recipe?

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