Wednesday, October 12, 2016

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

This was always a back-to-school assignment. It ought to be easy--after all, we should have lots of experience memories stored up over three months--but most of us hated the assignment. Mostly because we had so many memories to choose from, the task seemed overwhelming. Those who did best followed this advice: List the most memorable experiences. Choose one. Focus on the critical details. That works no matter what kind of writing one might do.

What did I do on my late summer vacation? I visited a favorite getaway, Door County, a narrow triangle of land separating Lake Michigan from the bay of Green Bay. We went first to Cave Point where this year’s high Lake Michigan water obscured most of the plate rock ‘beach’ we’re used to walking 20-40 feet out on. This rocky area is part of the Niagara Escarpment, an ancient rock formation that extends west from the great Niagara Falls and into Wisconsin.

After that, we tried Norwegian pancakes for the first time (delicious!), enjoyed the signature Door County cherries in chocolate-covered version and in dessert, sampled gelato and various ice cream shops, and settled in for the world-famous sunsets.

One such evening we even met our first mooching wild duck. A very forward mallard hen waddled up to us while we were sharing a hearty scoop of double chocolate ice cream. We’ve been harassed by seagulls more than once, but I’ve never seen a wild duck beg like a dog. Even if I’d been inclined to feed this Minnie-the-Moocher, chocolate ice cream was not a healthy choice. Our treat was topped by a jelly bean, so I flung it mostly to try to get the duck farther away. My ‘fling’ fell short and the duck horked up the jelly bean and looked at us for more. Not going to happen, Minnie. Thankfully, another couple laden with treats sat down nearby. The duck waddled over and sure enough, she scored bits of waffle cone, which she took from the woman’s hand. We usually bring the camera everywhere, but not this time. Oh well.

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